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Simply put, synthetic urine will be as good as useless if you don’t follow directions carefully. Therefore, it means that if mix it wrong, store it wrong, or heat it wrong, it won’t work.

Perhaps, you don’t want to fail your upcoming drug test, right?

The aftermath of failing a drug test could be devastating – it could result in losing a job. That being said, you need to have all the tips at your fingertips to ensure that you come out of that testing facility smiling.

How to Use Synthetic Urine to Pass Drug Test

So, what are the tips for using synthetic urine for a drug test?

  • The first thing that you must always have at the back of your mind is to follow directions like your entire life depends on it. (Now, if that’s not enough motivation, remember your career could be hanging in the balance). Besides, the instructions on the packaging are not there for nothing; just follow them.
  • Synthetic urine is always valid for at least six hours; after that, it won’t be able to help you. Even the best brand that you could be thinking about will only last six hours. Therefore, you should always ensure that you mix and prepare your sample on the day of your drug test. You can get it ready about an hour before the test; that way you could have avoided any potential errors.
  • Maintaining the temperature of your synthetic urine is another significant thing you won’t avoid messing with. Ideally, real pee has a temperature of about 90 degrees; you can use the heating pads or the temperature testing devices to track your sample’s temperature. Avoid placing your best fake pee on the sun to heat; direct sunlight degrades it and it might be rendered useless.
  • After achieving the right temperature, the next thing is how you could let it into the testing facility without altering its value. Remember that fake pee cools faster than normal urine, hence maintaining the ideal temperature is crucial.
  • Most facilities could be doing a physical evaluation of individuals to ensure that nothing is brought from the outside. There are a number of best ways that you use to store it and get it into the lab. For instance, a leg strap – a neoprene strap with small pockets for accommodating your sample. All you need to do is tie the belt around the leg and reach it later without struggle.
  • Another option is using the synthetic urine belt, which by far is the best option. You tie it around the waist and thanks to the thin tube that it has, you’ll be able to easily pass your urine.

Nevertheless, when everything is done correctly, you probably won’t have any problems passing your drug test.