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Among the many big decisions that one has to make in their life is that of hiring a career coach. This is because committing yourself to the process of finding a career coach will not only require you to invest some time, but you will also have to invest your hard earned money and yourself too.

It is important that you are sure of what you are doing and that will require you to have the right guideline or map on how to go about it. But this can be a bit of a challenge to one, bearing in mind that there are many career coaches around the globe and settling on the right one can be daunting. Here as some steps that one can follow to settle on the right choice.

Conduct some research

3dsw22 career coachingWith the improvement in technology and the advent of the online world, it is not only easy to access information on whatever you want, but it can also be overwhelming on the number of resources that you can get out there. One of the most effective ways that you can conduct your research is by reading online career books, and then after that, you check out their customer reviews.

Ensure that the customer giving the review has a verified purchase of the book as they are likely to give an honest review as opposed to those who were induced to making a review in exchange of a free copy. You can also use social media for your research like following the career coaches who interest you either on facebook or twitter.

Maximize the use of one-stop shops

To ensure that you use your time effectively and to the maximum, it is advisable that you find a career coach that offers one-stop-shop services. To ensure this, it is important to check and ascertain that your career coach usually offers weekly digests or newsletters on their website. If that is the case, then you are sure that you will not miss the most important and popular information that the coach has shared. Another sure way of receiving career guidelines is by subscribing to websites that give newsletters that aggregate a variety of materials from multiple sources.

Capitalize on free stuff

You will realize that with the advancement in technology, and the stiff competition for visibility, most coaches, usually give or offer great and free resources either on their websites, Facebook accounts, and Twitter to give their potential client an opportunity to learn more about their methods of engagement. Make sure you use this to the maximum.

Consider your learning style

It is important that you take into consideration the learning style that best suit you so that you find the best-suited career coach who is most suitable for you.32d3w2w career coaching


When you are looking for a career coach, endeavor to find one who can diligently speak about your career and one that you can be comfortable and one that can relate to your life language. Needs/budget While it is a good idea to invest in a career coach, it is advisable that you are realistic about finding somebody who you can be able to afford.