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one of thebest schools

We all know the great role schools play towards our children’s development. That is why when it is time for your kid to go to school, you always want to choose the best school you can afford for them. Every parent knows that they need a solid education foundation for their kids to have a great path towards a successful future and career.

A quality educational foundation can only be offered by the great institutions like the best schools in Kelambakkam, Chennai. That is why you should always try to make sure your kids join the best school. The benefits of your child entering the best school include:

Have the Best Facilities

offer best facilitiesIf you take a tour around the schools considered to be the best in Chennai, you will notice that they have one thing in common- they all have amazing facilities. It is important to make sure that your kids do not miss out on anything when they grow up, and taking them to a school with good facilities is one way you can achieve that.

Best facilities should not be limited to academics only but also should cover extra-curricular activities. Kids love to play, and you should make sure that your kids go to a school with a good playground.

Well Trained and Qualified Teachers

well trained teachersThe basis of a school being the best means the school must have well trained and qualified teachers. If you look at the Chennai schools that lead in the national board examinations, they all boast of qualified teachers.

Sending your child to a school like with well-trained teachers assures you that your kid is in the right hands. Qualified teachers usually understand children’s needs and know how to handle kids based on their ability correctly.

Healthy Meals

offer healthy mealsChildren grow up so fast, but for that to happen, they must eat healthily. If your children do not eat a healthy meal, they might end up being malnourished. The best school for your kid should be able to offer nutritious meals to the children. Children spent the majority of their time in school, and you need to make sure they are in the school that also cares for their nutrition.

Best Child Care

Not all children are the same. Some grow fast while others achieve the school-age before even they are mature enough. However, slow growth should not deter you from taking your child to school. The best schools should practice the best childcare habits, making sure that every kid’s needs are catered for. Your child will be well taken care of until they catch up with other kids including in language if they are lagging behind.…

information security management

Information security managers play a significant, pivotal function within the IT and information safety departments of the companies they serve. They function because of the brains of the organization’s IT and information protection teams and manipulate the overall operations and path of their departments. This article will element the roles and responsibilities of this profound function and will leave you with better information on the component they play in a company.

The Roles of the Information Security Manager

Simply put, facts safety managers put on many hats when they take in this position. Managing a statistics safety group, permit alone a whole department, takes a sharp big-picture-oriented mind. It has the brainpower required to make the higher-stage choices while having the foresight to collect a strong group of information protection specialists that can be trusted to deal with the lower-stage, hands-on duties and changes that their statistics safety landscape calls for.

Analyst-in-Chiefcritical analytical problem solver

That means that the greenback stops with them when it comes to assessing a facts safety situation after which reacting appropriately analytically. This is not restrained to merely responding to activities if needed – any incident responder does that daily. Instead, information safety managers assess protection plans for present vulnerabilities, prioritize security strategies to exceptional cover strategically essential records, examine reports generated by way of their chance monitoring systems or even run testing where they anticipate future issues to pop up.

Strong Communicator

message mediator disseminateIt is another role that statistics safety managers must play to carry out at their job correctly. Communication is prime for handling employees in general. However, the nature of data safety offers heightened importance. This function additionally could be required to successfully communicate with the managerial team of workers from other organization departments, to help ensure all follow facts protection guidelines and processes and to maintain abreast of the current information security panorama of the company.

Bottom Line

Data security managers play an incredibly crucial function within the data safety department of a company. Aside from the everyday managerial leadership that a data safety supervisor brings to the table, this position also brings analytical, high-level problem-solving talents that permit a sufficient and green resolution to many senior statistics security Issues.

This role comes with its correct proportion of responsibilities – from assessing and coping with the data safety surroundings to implementing new technologies (inside reasonable budgetary boundaries) and serving as a communication liaison among the facts security team or branch and other department managers within the enterprise. But this role is nearly the best stage to be had to a statistics protection professional, and if you are cut out to be a facts protection supervisor, you’ll discover yourself both challenged and rewarded well.…

learn a new language

Are you planning to move to America for whatever reasons? If yes, then learning the country’s language is probably among your top priorities. Just like learning anything in life, to learn a foreign language and get good at it, you need to find the best teachers. Therefore, enrolling in a good language school DC should be your top priority.

Over the past few years, the internet has proven to be the only source to get information quickly. But with all the free marketing and information that is readily available online, finding the right language institution for languages can be a little frustrating. However, this article will help you narrow down your search and find a school to enroll in.

The Internet

Without a doubt, you need to start by finding and shortlisting the best available school you can find. And the best way to do this is to start with an online search. Over the past few years, the internet has taken over the marketing industry, thus making it easy for everyone to find information freely. But to make sure that you are getting the right information and you are selecting a good school, you need to read reviews.learn a new language

Teacher Qualification

While searching online for the best school, you should not forget to search for a school that has the best teachers. Though people think that it is not easy or even possible to find information by merely searching online, you should know that there are people before you who have joined language schools and rated the quality of services they received. Taking your time and reading the reviews will make your search for the perfect school easier and quick.

Learning Methods

Everyone studies and learns differently. Do you know your learning style? Some people learn better using videos and audio recordings, while some learn better when they have a one-on-one interaction and talk face-to-face. And since this is the digital era, you need to know that the school you are applying in can give you lessons in an approach that matches your learning style.

Study Duration

The last but equally important thing you need to do is to know the duration it will take you to learn and master the new language. However, you should know that people learn differently, and the period to learn and become good in a language can vary from one person to the next.…


Microsoft Excel has many applications in the modern workplace today. However, its role in data analysis and presentation deserves an honourable mention. Data has no meaning when it is not analyzed. No information can be drawn from it. With MS Excel, you can analyze data and create insightful reports from it. One of the advantages of using Microsoft Excel for data analysis is that it saves time. It allows you to combine several functions to make a formula. This formula can then be replicated throughout several cells. Imagine how long it would take if you had to this manually. And remember no one cares how difficult it is to complete a certain task at work. It is up to you to simplify your data analysis tasks at work. In this article, I will highlight a few MS Excel functions that are useful in data analysis.


The If Function

The IF function is a logical function which specifies a logical test to be performed on the selected data set. It returns a value when the specified condition is true and another value if the specified condition is false. It is used to add a condition to the basic Excel functions such as sum, average, and count, to name but a few. It is very important in categorizing data into various classes or groups.


Sumif Function

SUMIF is one of the best Excel functions. It is also one of the simplest since it just adds the values in the selected cells provided a certain condition is met. For example, in a worksheet made up of cells with values adding to more or less than 2000, you can add the cells with values that are more than 2000 using the SUMIF function.


Countif Function

This is a modification of the COUNT function. Precisely, just like the SUMIF function, it combines the COUNT function with the logical IF function to output the count of the selected cells in the range that meet a certain criterion. It helps data analysts to sort data by categories.


workingAverage Function

The average of a set of values is the sum of these values divided by their count. This Excel function is a measure of central tendency, and that is why accountants love it. It has several modifications, including AVERAGEA, AVERAGEIF, and AVERAGEIFS, all of which allow you to modify your calculations to meet certain conditions or rules.


Vlookup Function

This complex lookup and reference function is used to search for specific information in an excel sheet. It allows you to specify the value you are looking for, table array, the column index number, and the lookup range. The function then searches the information required from the leftmost column to the rightmost column and returns the requested value. Most people find this function challenging in the beginning, but after a short period of using it, they find it easy and convenient.

In summary, there are many Excel functions that you can make use of to complete your calculations easily. Learning how to use these functions is easier said than done. Sometimes, you need to be trained on how to apply these functions to perform complex calculations.…


Graduating high school is just the beginning. After that, this is where the real challenge comes in. University is a place that will set your path in life. That is the reason why you want to enter university. You need to choose it wisely. From the location and the institution to the major that you will be taking part in, you need to think thoroughly about all of them.

To get into university, you must first apply for it. The application process of getting into colleges will start before you graduate high school. You need to start filling up your CV a long time before that if you want to get noticed by the top-notch institutions.

Getting into university is no easy feat. A lot of people stress out a lot about it. Therefore, to help you lessen your burden and confusion of applying to colleges, we have compiled the top three tips that you can use to help guide you in your college application process. In this article, we will provide you with a few pointers and tricks to assist you in applying for universities. Here are some tips for applying to university:

Have Backups

university building

The first thing that you need to note when you apply for a degree is that you need to have backups. It is essential that you don’t only apply to one institution. Not only do you need to have a Plan B, but you should also have Plan C, Plan D, and so on. Apply to as many colleges as you can to increase your chances of getting in. Having backups to fall on if you don’t get your first pick will be a safe option for you so that you can get into university.


researchingBefore the season of university application starts, it is essential that you do your research beforehand. Find out when they open their application, when they start their entrance tests, and when they close it. Finding out all of this is essential so that you don’t miss anything vital.

You should also research on what you need to prepare for the application. Get your documentation ready, and your recommendation letters prepared, as well as all the forms and other documents. That is crucial so that you don’t get frazzled at the last minute.

Work Hard

studyingLast but not least, it is critical that you work hard for your acceptance to the university. You need to write a killer essay, work very hard on your grades, and study hard for the interviews and application exams. Working hard ensures that you maximize your potential to get accepted. Hard work and resilience will always pay off.…

a woman biting a pencil

Exam time can be very demanding for most. Before you go sit for an examination, you ought to have understood what you learned during the course of the learning semester. Studying is the most obvious way of passing examinations. Moreover, you cannot have a fruitful study session if you have not prepared yourself well. Therefore, always have a GAMSAT section 1 study guide if you’re planning to take it. Note that studying requires proper set-up to allow you to boost your knowledge. Discussed below are some practical hints that will help study for your exams.

pile of books

Past Exams

Using past exams is one of the most effective ways of preparing. Studying previous exams makes you know how to allocate time to deal with questions and saving on time. You are able to get an idea of how the paper might be like, making you calm and relaxed when studying. You will also get used to the format of questions, allowing you to tackle them with ease.

Group Studies

Various people, including teachers, believe getting together with friends for group studies is one of the secrets for passing examinations. Friends in group studies may help each other understand easily since not everybody knows how to answer all questions. Your friends may be having some answers to some questions and vice versa, therefore, helping you all be able to be at the same level of understanding while studying. Focusing on topics for designated times ensures you get the most out of your group studies and is an effective way to monitor your progress when doing studies.

Regular Breaks

Studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, having regular breaks helps. Numerous people think studying for extended hours is the best but it can actually be counterproductive. Make sure you always have a study routine.

If you are better in the morning, start early break in the evening, whereas if you are better at night break in the morning start at nighttime. Having this type of routine helps you clear your mind and be productive while studying.

Plan for Your Exams

a woman studying

Even before the exam day, make sure everything you are going to use is ready and well kept. Ensure that you have all the requirements to sit for the exams and check if you are following the rules and regulations before you enter the exam room. Choose the fastest route to arrive at the exam center. Report early enough to allow you to familiarize with the exam room and release all tensions related to the exam.

Always Hydrate Yourself

If you want excellent results in exams, you need a functioning brain. Plenty of water is essential to have your brain functioning at its best. During revision and exams, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your brain functioning and get the high-grade results.

Set a Timetable for Your Study

Last minute studying which many students seem to practice is not the best way to approach an exam. Make sure you know the time and days you are supposed to sit for exams and set a timetable for your study. Some exams may require more study time than others may so it is best to indicate in your study timetable so as to balance your study time. Organize your study time accordingly for positive results in exams.…

ede43e customer service jobs

You may be looking for an exciting job opportunity that offers you a chance to meet and serve people. If that is the case, you should consider an opportunity in customer service. Remember that this is a growing field that has a lot of opportunities in a wide range of settings and industries. The good thing is that when you are a customer service expert, you can transfer skills that can be used in any given industry. This will be helpful when you intend to make a career change. These are some of promising customer service jobs:

Computer support specialist

3ede33 computer supportIf you are an expert in computers and like helping people, then you ought to consider the position of a computer service specialist. These professionals offer assistance and guidance to companies, computer users, and organizations. Moreover, they help to troubleshoot problems, offer technical assistance, and support computer networks. As much as these professionals work on a full-time basis, you can find part-time arrangements and opportunities. People working in this particular field have extensive knowledge of computers and a university degree.

Financial clerk

Are you interested in working in the finance sector? Financial clerks provide support in various roles in different industries. If you have an interest in finance and knowledge of numbers, then you should consider this position. Remember that financial clerks are people that handle administrative roles in an organization. Most of these professionals work full-time in government agencies, medical offices, and banks.

Information clerk

Information clerks can serve as the backbone of various companies. They offer important services such as data collection, record-keeping, customer assistance, and much more. In fact, nearly every industry employs these experts and helps them to operate efficiently. Therefore, if you pursue a job in this industry, then you are likely to encounter several opportunities.

Insurance sales agent

Are you interested in working in this industry? Then, you should pursue a position as a sales agent. These professionals work on front lines. In fact, they serve as the first point of contact with the potential customers who are looking for certain insurance products. Moreover, agents offer guidance to the processes involved and answer questions. Usually, these professionals work on a full-time basis.

Manufacturing sales representatives

4fre33 manufacturing salesThese jobs are a great option for people looking to establish roots in customer service industry. If you are involved in this particular role, you are tasked with selling products for manufacturers and wholesalers to organizations and other businesses. In this position, you will handle various customer service duties. For instance, you can serve as the first point of contact and answer different questions.

When working in this particular field, you will have to work on commission basis. In this case, you will have to face the pressure of attaining certain sales. Fortunately, salaries for the successful sales representatives are huge. In fact, you are likely to get an average salary of $80,000 a year. If you are interested in working in a customer service industry, then consider pursuing any of the above positions.…

3e3w2 career success

For one to be successful in whatever career path they will decide to take; there are some aspects that will come into play. Additionally, for one to be considered as being successful in achieving their career goals, it is not necessarily true that they should always be receiving a huge pay check at the end of every month or maybe receiving appraisals at the end of every year, no it takes more than this. To ensure success in whatever one is doing, one should always have some career goals and objectives that they endeavor to achieve.

3ee23 career goalsOnce as a professional you have set out these goals, you are supposed to work on a daily basis to see to it that you achieve them. This involves drawing up a project plan on how you can reach them in a manner that is conclusive. Here is a highlight of some of the steps and measures that you can undertake to ensure that you achieve your career goals.

Skills enhancement

One of the exercises that you should undertake to ensure that you achieve your career goals is to enhance your professional skills consistently. Some skills make up an employee’s profile. And it goes without saying that every skill that an individual has can be enhanced to the highest level possible. One of the skills that every professional should endeavor to enhance is the presentation skill. This is regarding every aspect of your professional life.

Constant knowledge acquisition

There is this common phrase that knowledge is power, and indeed it is. The only sure way to ensure that you achieve your career goals is to increase your knowledge about something. Some of the ways that you can boost your knowledge are by talking to people within your professional field, reading books or even joining a course that will broaden your knowledge in your field of specialization.


34ere32 career successThe other good way that you can grow and achieve your professional goals is by interacting with others either within or without your professional field. It can be in your workplace or to people who are related to your profession. If you want to enhance either your product knowledge or the general knowledge about your work, it is advisable that you have good interactions and working relationship with your fellow workers.

Take chances

Most individuals are not aware of this, but it is true that chances and risks are usually opportunities that are crossing your path in disguise. This is why it is advisable that you always show your dedication and eagerness to learn or work with those people who matter. This can even mean taking jobs that are out of your job description.

Know your worth

As you gain more experience in whatever you are doing, your worth increases. This is why a professional is advised that they should not be afraid to seek a pay rise if they think that the service they are offering is worth more than what they are receiving. Take credit Last, but not least, more especially those that are in the corporate world should always be able to take credit because if not it will be assumed that you are doing nothing. But always be alive to the fact that you will be able to get your credit if you give credit where it is due.…